Fish & Egg

For Cod’s Sake

Wild caught cod and leek fish cakes with vegan tartar sauce and served with garlicky kale and roasted butternut squash

Gluten Free/Dairy Free/ Contains Fish and Egg

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Wild-caught cod, potato, leeks and red onion cakes with sauteed kale and roasted butternut squash. Served with vegan tartar sauce and lemon wedge.

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Fish & Egg

Nutrition Facts

28g Protein
59g Carbs
22g Fat

How to prepare

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Preheat oven to 325F, remove tarter sauce, heat on baking tray for 12-15 minutes to desired temp or microwave for 3-5 minutes

Customer reviews

1 Review
  1. April 1, 2022 5:38 pm
    Wow! Fresh, filling, and delicious. Best tartar sauce I have ever tried. A+